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Last Update 03 / FEB / 2024
SIGNUP Howlin'
  • Hand n' Brain
    10 min + 0 sec
  • Bughouse
    5 min + 3 sec
    5 min + 0 sec

Let's go — It's been nearly 3 years and the time has come for community to open registration for the HOWLIN' Tournament again! Are you ready to step up to the challenge?


7pm Daily
  • 7pm till
  • Schönhauser
    Allee 174
  • Materials

All week — Without exception, the regular event is held every single day of the week on the sidewalk in front of our Späti at Senefelderplatz in Prenzlauer Berg. It's an open and bustling location where pedestrians can bump into us as spectators or even join in.


GM Guests
  • Play our
    Guest GM
  • DATE
  • After
  • Place

MEET AND PLAY — Have you ever dreamt of going head-to-head with a grandmaster? Were you winning? Unlike our regular sidewalk events, our special events require registration. Immerse yourself with us in the strange world of chess and connect with our guest GM and other like-minded individuals.


Play Puzzle
  • Learn
    & play
  • Get
  • Keep

Takes, Takes, Takes — Engage in a thrilling challenge of wit and skill with our puzzles. No sign-ups necessary—just jump in and flex your mental muscles. Sharpen your mind, and conquer the puzzles!


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A picture of the StrangerChess Community — Many inviduals sliced together
Super friendly and fun vibe! I had the pleasure of dropping by while visiting Berlin during the summer, and Wolf and everyone there made me feel super welcome. chess piece: queen 5 star rating Sam W.
A cozy chess meetup with people of all ages, levels and backgrounds. Come over if you want to improve your skills, share knowledge or simply chat over a cup of coffee. chess piece: queen 5 star rating Yuliia K.
A fantastic experience for meeting people while playing chess as a new Berliner. The organizer, is a guy with really wholesome intentions, and getting to know him has been truly gratifying. chess piece: queen 5 star rating Miles H.
I had an amazing experience playing and meeting new friends here. I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Berlin. It's a must visit for chess enthusiasts… chess piece: pawn 5 star rating Mohd I.
Relaxed togetherness, a friendly atmosphere and a good opportunity to meet new people, chat a bit and also improve your chess game. chess piece: pawn 5 star rating Leo S.
This place is great to play chess with other people with the same passion regardless of your level. StrangerChess was one of my highlights when I visited Berlin. chess piece: pawn 5 star rating Minik N.
A nice community run by a dedicated host, who makes it possible to play chess every single day and meet interesting people. chess piece: knight 5 star rating Ian C.
The organizer is very friendly and makes sure to give you useful tips and support. You can see how he cares about the project and invests lots of energy to keep it interesting and fun. chess piece: queen 5 star rating Maria R.
I went with a friend and we had so much fun! We met so many new people, those who had come for the event, but also passer-bys who stopped to chat and play. chess piece: bishop 5 star rating Vittoria V.
Best place to play chess and meet people. If you're bored playing online and not sure about joining a club with an uncomfortable schedule, come here! chess piece: rook 5 star rating Andrew K.
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