What is the location?
Our regular spot is Outdoor at a Späti (Schönhauser Allee 174), an open and bustling location where pedestrians can bump into us as spectators or even join in on the fun. Arguably a great location to have people come together from all over Berlin. The closest subway station is the U2 Senefelderplatz.
Do you play tonight?
Yes, the event happens every day without exception. Reliability is one of the key values for StrangerChess. Should there ever be an exception we will share an update on social media.
How long can I join the meetup?
The duration of the meet-up is 5 hours. We start at 7 pm and it's best to come early. If the attendance fizzles out we may close up a bit earlier than midnight. Feel free to check in via our telegram channel how things are going if you are not sure if it is worth swinging by this evening.
Do I need to bring my own board?
No need. Boards, chess pieces, and clocks are provided. We try to make it as convenient as possible to take part in the event. Come over straight after work for example. No need to schlepp anything.
I don't know how to play chess, can I join anyway?
If you're an absolute beginner — Don't worry you're not alone. We can pair you up with other newcomers or our host can give you a crash course to help you to get started with the basics of the game.
Do you play tournaments at the daily event?
The short answer is no. The daily event is a free-for-all where the guests usually play a few matches and rematches before rotating to create other pairings. The focus is on the opportunity to socialize, a tournament structure would not be feasible for the daily event. We have organized tournaments as special events before. So if there is enough interest in the community we could put one together.
How can I connect with the community online?
StrangerChess is all about getting off-screen and on the board. Meeting in person is important to create healthy relationships, to stay in touch we do use our telegram channel to share chess-related clips, news, memes, and puzzles.
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