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Checkmate in front of the Späti: Berliner organizes daily chess evenings in Prenzlauer Berg

08. April 2023 Franz Becchi

"I stroll down Schönhauser Allee and stop at number 185. This is where the Späti I'm looking for is located – even though I didn't just come here to have a beer. At 7 p.m. I have an appointment with Wolf Bōese on this same late night; He's already sitting on a bench in front of the shop and has just set up five chess boards and just as many chess clocks…"

Berliner Zeitung

Midnight Chess: Where beer and bishops meet

03. January 2022 by Dana Hall

"Sick of online chess? Whether you’re a newbie who discovered the game watching The Queen’s Gambit or a seasoned player mapping out strategies 10 moves in advance, a nightly (knightly?) event at the Brother’s Night shop is here to offer you salvation. Grab a snack, soda or €1.60 Jever from inside and enjoy an evening of chess looking at your opponent, not your screen…"


One-stop shop: popping the cap on Berlin's sensational spaeti culture

12. July 2022 by Malcolm Jack

"For a gentler and more cerebral späti experience, I drop by the tables outside Brother’s Night Shop on Schönhauser Allee in Prenzlauerberg, for a round of chess with Wolf Bōese, designer, artist, and founder of StrangerChess – the free-for-all gaming meet up with a spätkauf twist…"