Last Update 20 / 01 / 2024

Sunday After

Central berlin

5min+3 Duck

5min+0 Regular

5min+3 Bug

10min+0 Hand

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& fame


Swiss System
  • Hand and Brain
    10 min + 0 sec
  • Bughouse
    5 min + 3 sec
  • Regular
    5 min + 0 sec

Format — Each player competes in every round, and pairings are based on the player's score after each round. This way we ensure that players are paired with others of similar skill levels, while also providing opportunities for players to improve their ranking throughout the tournament.

  • Keep it
  • Respect
    each other
  • Play

Vibe — We anticipate a slightly more casual atmosphere than what one might expect from conventional chess tournament. While maintaining a respectful environment, participants can enjoy the interactive nature of game formats like hand and brain and bughouse and embrace the energy they bring to the competition.


compete in four exciting Formats

  • players
    1 vs 1
  • 5 min
    + 3 sec

Quack Quack — Duck Chess introduces a twist: a delightful and unexpected addition that spices up the game. So, as you engage in this lighthearted and strategic duel, remember that it's not just about the moves but also the playful presence of your feathery friend covering a new square on each turn that nothing can move onto or through.

  • players
    1 vs 1
  • 5 min
    + 3 sec

Fast — With the clock ticking relentlessly, players must make rapid decisions and find creative solutions within the limited time frame. Just like in traditional chess the players strive to mate their opponenent, however, the accelerated pace also allows another strategy: flag the opponent and simply win on time.

  • players
    2 vs 2
  • boards
  • 5 min
    + 3 sec

Crazy — This variant played by four players in teams of two, playing on two chessboards with opposite colors. Captured pieces are passed to teammates, who can place them on their board. Normal chess rules apply, but with rapid gameplay and constant piece exchanges it's known for its dynamic and chaotic nature.

  • players
    2 vs 2
  • boards
  • 10 min
    + 0 sec

Telepathic — This variant played by two teams, where the "Brain" decides which piece to move, and the "Hand" physically makes the move on the chessboard. It's only allowed to communicates the desired piece (e.g., "Knight" or "Pawn") to the Hand, who get's to select and move it without receiving specific instructions of where to move it to. Developing a mutual understanding of the strategy is key. Can you do it?

Prizes and eternal bragging rights

1 month pro membership
  • PRO membership
    1-month cheesable
  • + vouchers
    100€ / 50€ / 25€

Everyone's a winner — No matter how you perform, you will receive a free 1-month PRO membership to Chessable. With it, you'll unlock instant access to game-changing tools for chess improvement, including 300+ free courses on the opening, endgame, tactics, strategy and more.

Custom Design
  • Custom
  • Lasting
  • Bragging

Last but not least — Players who make it to the top of each category will get a custom design made by yours truly (or pick something from our shop). Plus, the bragging rights and recognition that come with reaching the pinnacle of chess excellence ofcourse.

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