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Get Ready to Battle Prove your skills against the best strangers in Berlin in our upcoming tournament. Whether you're a seasoned member or a newcomer to the community, this is your chance to show everyone what you're made of.

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Freebies: No matter how you perform, you will receive a free 1-month PRO membership to Chessable. With it, you'll unlock instant access to game-changing tools for chess improvement, including 300+ free courses on the opening, endgame, tactics, strategy and more.


Take the challenge: Step into the dark forest, where the shadows lurk and the unknown awaits. But don't be afraid – with the power of your white knight, you can illuminate the darkness and emerge victorious on the chessboard.

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Swiss System

Each player competes in every round, and pairings are based on the player's score after each round. This way we ensure that players are paired with others of similar skill levels, while also providing opportunities for players to improve their ranking throughout the tournament.

Let's gooooooAfter nearly 2 years of growth of the StrangerChess community, the time has come to battle for the crown in the Howlin' Tournament! Are you ready to step up to the challenge? With exciting prizes up for grabs, including your choice of gear from our webshop, this is your chance to show off your moves and prove your chess prowess to the Berlin StrangerChess community.

So gather your courage and sharpen your skills, because the Howlin' Tournament is coming this summer. Will you emerge victorious and claim the crown? There's only one way to find out – sign up today and prepare to enter the fray!

Date July 2023

Location Kaschk
Berlin Mitte

Format Six Rounds

Variants Bughouse,
Regular, H'n'B


If you make it to the top you will have your pick of the finest gear and accessories, including stylish shirts, cozy hoodies, and high-quality prints. And if this wasn't enough there are also several tiers of vouchers to unlock even more courses on Oh, yeah, and the fame too.

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